The LPF sponsors projects according to fixed principles

The sponsored projects are carefully and selectively chosen by the Lukas Podolski Foundation. We only support projects and initiatives which

  • With the foundation’s purpose, i.e. help to achieve the foundation’s objectives
  • Focus on the individual people/children and support them over the long term
  • Have already demonstrated the success of their concept in practice
  • Use sport  as an effective means of social development and a way to teach values
  • Use the principle of ‘helping people to help themselves’

We do not support any individuals or commercial organisations.


The current geographical focus is on Germany and Poland. In the medium term, the Lukas Podolski Foundation also wants to initiate its own projects with its partners.

We are always interested in receiving information about projects deserving of funding and support that meet the criteria listed above. All project descriptions are carefully evaluated and stored.

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From the playing field to life

Since October 2013, the Lukas Podolski Foundation has been sponsoring the RheinFlanke. “I’m delighted to sponsor the RheinFlanke and be able to support this great Cologne-based initiative. The RheinFlanke and I share the belief that you can encourage social integration through sports – from playing fields to apprentice positions” the pro explains in relation to the decision to sponsor the initiative.

Since 2006, the RheinFlanke has been committed to those who start out with fewer prospects because they come from a socially disadvantaged or educationally deprived background and environment. Today, the project reaches 1200 young people at seven different locations in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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The Ark

Getting children off the streets

Lukas Podolski has been an ambassador of the Christian Children’s Fund the Ark (Die Arche) for many years and also supports this through his foundation. “I wasn’t aware that in a wealthy country such as Germany, almost 3 million minors live below the poverty line” says Lukas Podolski, explaining the decision to support the Ark with his foundation. “In fact, it was a visit to the Munich Ark that led me to establish my own foundation. At the time I thought to myself: they’re doing exactly what I think is good and important.

The Ark’s aim is to get kids off the streets and give them prospects for the future.

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Friendly matches

Other social commitments of Lukas Podolski

Lukas Podolski puts a lot of time and work into his foundation. But he wouldn’t be Lukas Podolski if he were to close his eyes and ears to other topics. Time and time again, he therefore offers his personal support in other areas that are close to his heart. These include:

  • Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft (German Cancer Society), Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Aid), DFB: An advocate for the current campaign “Stay on the Ball”, which promotes increased physical activity to help prevent cancer
  • Hospitals in Cologne and the surrounding area: Regular visits to the children’s hospice and children’s wardsn
  • DKMS: Appeals for life-saving bone marrow donations for the fight against leukaemia
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Interesting news from the entire world of children, football and social commitment

We are continuously learning from others, listening to what kids tell us, admiring the work of socially-committed people from around the world and keeping track of those close to us. All of this influences the direction in which we move.

Every now and then we therefore like to report on topics that are not actually directly related to the work of the Lukas Podolski Foundation. You will find all the relevant articles here.

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