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If you want to help the Lukas Podolski Foundation, you’ve come to the right place. We depend on your help for the support of our project and, along with the kids, appreciate each and any contribution you can make!

You can also help the foundation by taking part in any of our many campaigns, such as auctions or raffles.

Important! Please enter your full address when making a bank transfer. Only then can we issue a receipt for your donation. If you have a specific project in mind, please specify this in the subject line – the donated amount will then go directly to the intended project.

Bank transfers

Securely to the foundation account

Please transfer your donation to the foundation account:

Lukas Podolski Foundation

Bank: PSD Bank Köln
Account number: 610 10 50 600
Sort code 37060993
IBAN: DE 23 37060993 6101050600

For those who find this inconvenient, donations can also be made directly online.

To make an online donation, you will be redirected to ‘betterplace’ which assures a secure, full and timely transfer.


Give generously – make a difference

We regularly organise campaigns to raise funds for the foundation’s work. When it comes to such matters, the foundation’s Chairman, Lukas Podolski, always has his hand in the game. Each time, he personally thinks up and organises what will come next. There is only one rule: it has to be something that you can’t just go out and buy!

If a campaign is currently running, you’ll find it here.

Hang Tough!

Lukas Podolski’s book

Lukas Podolski’s book “Dranbleiben! Warum Talent nur der Anfang ist” (“Hang Tough! Why Talent is Just the Beginning”) was first published in March 2014. This was created by the Children and Youth Foundation, The Ark, and published by the Gabriel Verlag.

In his book, Lukas writes about his social commitments. He makes it clear what values are important to him and which people have shaped his life. In doing so, he offers readers deep insights into his private life, describing his background and his career. He also shares accounts of encounters with young people from the Ark; children who he wants to help live out their dreams.

In addition to the foreword written by the German national coach Jogi Löw, the book also contains many other prominent voices from the worlds of sport and football. They impressively show that Podolski lives out the values which he writes about and views his success as an obligation to serve others. On a very personal level, he hopes to use the book to encourage children and young people to recognise their own talents and take advantage of the chances given to them.

“Dranbleiben!” is a book for young football enthusiasts and Poldi fans who want to learn more about their idol, and for all those who are interested in the life and commitment of a top athlete.

By purchasing this book, you will also be supporting the Lukas Podolski Foundation. Until now, it has been published in German and in Polish. Thank you and happy reading!

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Donations or endowments

Two ways to help

Donations help our charitable projects immediately and in the short term. This is because donations may not be attributed to the assets of the Lukas Podolski Foundation and must be invested in community projects within a max. of 2 years.

Endowments increase the Lukas Podolski Foundation’s assets. They flow into the basic foundation capital and may not be given out by the foundation. They help to increase the foundation’s income and therefore ensure sustainability. Endowments guarantee the continuity of the foundation’s work.

If you are considering making an endowment to the Lukas Podolski Foundation, please get in touch with us.