The Ark

Kinder von der Straße holen

Lukas Podolski has been an ambassador of the Christian Children’s Fund Die Arche (The Ark) for many years and also supports this through his foundation. “I wasn’t aware that in a wealthy country such as Germany, almost 3 million minors live below the poverty line” says Lukas Podolski, explaining the decision to support the Ark with his foundation. “In fact, it was a visit to the Munich Ark that led me to establish my own foundation. At the time I thought to myself: they’re doing exactly what I think is good and important.

The Ark’s aim is to get kids off the streets and give them prospects for the future. Every day, its facilities offer a free, full, hot meal, homework help, beneficial leisure activities with sports and music and, most importantly, lots of attention. All children and young people are welcome at the Ark’s facilities but for the most part, it is children from socially disadvantaged or emotionally impoverished families that come here. The Ark’s staff build relationships with the children and grow up with them.

The Ark too can only survive with the aid of donations. Without the help from people and other non‑governmental organisations, the facilities would have to be closed. Cooperation with the Lukas Podolski Foundation steadily continues to grow, even outside Germany: in spring 2014, the professional footballer, who was himself born in Gleiwitz, Poland, was proud to commission the Lukas Podolski Ark in Warsaw. It is the first of its kind in Poland.

You will find further information about the work of the Christian Children and Youth Fund The Ark here.



The ”Runner in the Kilt“ is back again!

John McGurk and his organization Sportler 4 a childrens world have been supporting Die Arche for many years by donating the funds raised with their charity runs to the children and youth relief organization. Lukas Podolski’s Die Arche in Warsaw is grateful to have received generous founding as well.

Now a new charity run is coming up, themed “Wir bewegen was!” (literally: we’ll move something!). The ambitious goal: 2015 km in 14 days and 14 nights! The run started on 21 April 2015, and will take John and his team across Germany: passing by several Arche locations from Munich to Berlin-Hellersdorf where the run will finish on 05 May. Naturally, John will collect money along his way - all of which will be donated to Die Arche.

Die Arche also moves everything to help children have a better place in life and to become a valuable and active part of our society. GO JOHN!!

See for more information on “Reno Benefizlauf 2015”.

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Jochen Schwärzel und Jürgen Klempp, two very sympathic craftsmen did something extraordinary for the Arche in Berlin-Hellersdorf. They spent their free time in the facility to improve the constructions. And they did the work for free.

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